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The Fill Your Cup Podcast

Dec 7, 2020

Robin Lacambra is the founder of GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio and the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method and as a movement educator, aims to help facilitate others to move mindfully and feel good in their bodies as well as recognize the intersection of physical practice and social justice. Because when we are empowered, educated and feel our best, we can go out and put more good into the world.

Episode Notes

In this episode we discuss:

  • The birth of GOODBODYFEEL
  • Robin’s past experience with body dysmorphia and an eating disorder
  • How “othering” turned into an eating disorder
  • The lacking inclusivity in the fitness industry 
  • The impact of non-inclusivity in fitness to marginalized folx
  • Running a business that centres socialist values, offers sliding scale, service exchange and bursaries 
  • Creating safe environments to come home to our bodies 
  • Why you should treat every single person like they’ve endured trauma
  • Considerations when operating from a trauma, anti-oppression and eating disorder-informed framework 
  • Inclusive language when it comes to sequencing
  • Breaking up with the “fitness body” mould 

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